Lightsaber Stand Solid Oak Display FLATBED: Warleader

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UK - A3
Rest of the World - 8x10, A4 & A3.
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These amazing oak wooden lightsaber stands are a must have for all Star Wars fans wanting to display their saber hilts.
Whether custom made or a replica model.
Strong and sturdy, these will hold your lightsaber hilt in a way that fits any room.
With felt pads underneath the stand, there is no risk of marking surfaces.
A final coat of teak oil will give your stand that special shine that will attract the eye.
Whether you're a fellow jedi or a lord of the sith. This is what you've been looking for.

Stand measurements:
Length-185mm Width-95mm Height-65mm

(Hilt not included)

  • Choose an Emblem from the pictures included: Jedi Order, Old Republic, Rebel Alliance/Resistance, Sith Empire, Galactic Empire, First Order, Mandalorian, Sith Order, New Republic, Revanchist, Galactic Republic, Crimson Dawn, Sith Eternal, Separatist Alliance, Star Wars Logo.

-Choose an infill colour. Brown/Red/Blue/White etc.
FYI: Brown or Beige looks best with a lightside version Black, Red or Crimson Red for a dark side version. Red gives off a beautiful glow around the emblem/inscription.

  • Choose an Aurebesh word inscribed under the logo at no extra cost (optional) Other Languages accepted: English, Spanish, Etc


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Color: N/A
Saber Light Type: N/A
Item Category:
Saber Stand
Saber Clip
Saber Board
Saber Company (If Applicable): Custom
Saber Electronics (If Applicable, if selling a Soundfont what board is it made for):
Versio V1.0
Nano Biscotti V4
Proffie 2.2
Crystal Shard 4.5
Golden Harvest V3
Prizm V5.1
Proffie (Older, please specify)
Crystal Focus (Older, please specify)
Nano Biscoti (Older, please specify)
Obsidian Lite
Obsidian V3
Obsidian V4
Spark 3
Saber Core Viridian
Other Board
Emerald Driver
Diamond Driver
Crystal Shard Older (Please specify)
No Sound
Character: N/A
Condition: New
Quantity: 3
Listing created Oct 14, 2020

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Ashmi Sabers

14 days ago

anywhere outside of the US shall receive a paypal refund towards shipping to avoid over paying.

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