Saberforge Saber Customer built

Saberforge Saber I purchased from someone in a Saber community, he bought it and gutted it. Installed a neopixel adapter and a proffie 2.2.

It works, it's fully functional but it is in need of slight work. The retention screw does not screw in it's hole anymore so it needs to be re-tapped.

Also as I was trying to get the pictures of it lighted up It wasnt lighting and I noticed the pins on the adapter seemed to be pushed inside of the 3d printed chassis. Probably an easy fix for those who know who to take these apart without ripping wires.

Color: RGB
Saber Light Type: NeoPixel+Led
Item Category:
Saber Stand
Saber Clip
Saber Board
Saber Company (If Applicable): SaberForge
Saber Electronics (If Applicable, if selling a Soundfont what board is it made for):
Versio V1.0
Nano Biscotti V4
Proffie 2.2
Crystal Shard 4.5
Golden Harvest V3
Prizm V5.1
Proffie (Older, please specify)
Crystal Focus (Older, please specify)
Nano Biscoti (Older, please specify)
Obsidian Lite
Obsidian V3
Obsidian V4
Spark 3
Saber Core Viridian
Other Board
Emerald Driver
Diamond Driver
Crystal Shard Older (Please specify)
No Sound
Character: Other
Condition: Slightly Used
Quantity: 1
Listing created Sep 23, 2020

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